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614.848.9999 ext. 2016

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Theresa Barron @ 614.778.8503 


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Reach a Wider Demographic
Supporting Youth Arts Programs

In an ever-challenging marketing culture, strengthening your company's image, increasing brand awareness, reaching a wider demographic and acquiring new clients become more difficult by the day to obtain and maintain. Consider advertising or becoming an event sponsor with Grown Folks Events. With over 20 years in event planning and 15 years of social media marketing experience, our company has captured (and continue to grow) a dedicated audience of urban working professionals and entrepreneurs your business can impress upon month after month, year after year.  GFE

  • ​Active email database over 10k

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Over 20k followers on social media (Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn)

  • Website presence

  • Product placement at scheduled events New Year's Eve Celebration & Ohio Black Expo in Columbus, OH


Supporting Fine Arts Program @ 

Arts IMPACT Middle School (AIMS)

School Website | CLICK HERE!

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